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Payment data management platform.

The payment data platform makes it easy. Triple offers the best tool for banks, fintechs and companies to grow through big data.




Mobile (responsive)


6 weeks

01 Digital strategy

We detail our work strategy to understand what the company and the customer needed.

A Fintech 2.0, the power is in the data.

We detected an opportunity when we saw how retailers were investing more and more in programs to reward their customers, but the recurrence of these customers was not growing. The need to manage each program separately, in many cases, ended up discouraging the consumer”, explains Mario Navarro, co-founder of Triple. ”And we found a solution with an added reach that unified rewards programs for all types of businesses, both online and offline, in a single experience.”.

That's how simple is the approach of Triple, a startup based in the UK (London) that wants to switch to managing bank and corporate data, bringing extra value to all these transactions.

Its objective is to create an ecosystem on “payments” to know needs, patterns and quality through big data.

“Make customers value the Date

That was our goal to make the information necessary for renting possible with just over 10 clicks.


We explain to you what our process of conceptualizing the digital product was like and its phases.

Increase sales through data.

The approach to designing the product was simple. It really was that, to make it simple, banking data and information have always been complex, the user perceives it as such, so trying to capture a complex banking product was not an option.

We designed a very simple, transparent and safe design system and color palette, focusing on UX.

Today Triple is present in many countries and with unstoppable growth.

Product Design

We show you some images of the product designed from the tool Figma.


After delivering the product, these are some of the most important highlights of the impact that Productea had.


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