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A senior designer currently costs 75,000 euros per year. Do you amortize it?
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One Shot
$ 2,990
Personalized budget
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Medium priority
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$ 3,490
Una request at the same time
Average delivery time 72h
A brand
Unlimited equipment
High priority
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$ 5,890
twos requests at the same time
Average delivery time 72h
Unlimited brands
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What does it include?

Literally everything. Everything to do with product design

Web design
App Design
Investor Deck
Design Systems
Digital Ads
Pitch Decks
Product Analysis
Email design

In addition to design, we offer complementary services to finish “finishing off” the work, if you need more involvement we can have it.

*Requires a primary service to activate.

Product Management
$ 2,290
Creating user stories
Creating PRDs
Task management with Linear®
Testing & feedback
$ 1,990
Registration and account creation
Webflow development
Webflow maintenance
Webflow subscription included
Win a 10% of commissions recurring monthly for each referral.
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Everything you need to know about Productea and how we work.

Why not hire a full-time designer?
Are there any limits to the number of requests?
How soon will I receive my designs?
How do we meet?
Is there a penalty if it is not delivered on time?
What is considered a request?
How does pausing or canceling work?
In what programs is it designed?
Are there any types of work that Productea doesn't cover?
What are add-ons?
What is the “Product Management” plan and what does it include?
What is the “Webflow” plan and what does it include?
What if I only have one request?
Do I get my money back if I don't like the service?
I'm a young startup, I can't afford that much.
Is the payment secure?

The values that keep us faithful and responsible.

“We've been there”

Like you, we have been through that stage in our startups, so we want to be frank about the needs and steps to take to reach the goal.

“Realistic pricing”

We know how much it costs to earn every euro (€) in your startup, so our fee is adapted to your budget, be fair with our services.

“A little more”

We don't stay at the base, we like to give an extra point (+1) to our customers. Those details make the difference. And no one is bitter about a sweet treat.

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