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We help you take the next step.

Not everything has to be about designing or analyzing competitors, perhaps what we need is to understand where we want to go and how we are going to get there.

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“Understanding the digital world, its possibilities and new paths is essential for new companies”

What is it?

It is a technological and digital “mentoring” service, where we explain to you different ways to solve the problems (in the cheapest and easiest way possible) that you currently have at a digital level.

How do we execute it?

These will be sessions with your team understanding the current situation of your business/product, getting to know the digital situation in depth, analyzing the next steps.

We can also develop (in #nocode) the solution to these problems in a simple way.

We can define a digital consultancy by what it is for its clients:
The guide to leading digital transformation.

Given the rapid global digitalization, any business must have a good online presence, not having one is not an option. Adapt or... well, you know. However, the speed at which this transformation continues to take place means that digitalization is constantly evolving. “Having a good online presence” is quick to say, but the truth is that it becomes an impossible challenge for many companies, which are lost in a sea of concepts, techniques and knowledge that are updated every hour.

All this taking into account the different tools at our disposal.

Our rates

A results-oriented service.
If you win. We all win.

We offer a comprehensive solution for your digital problems, understanding current problems from A-Z and proposing solutions. This service is only available to selected startups.

What does it include?

  • Situation analysis
  • Detailed Report (Notion)
  • Analysis of possible tools to use
  • Perks for tools (worth up to $10,000)


  • Setup fee -> 400,00€
  • 4h (4 sessions/1h) -> 400.00€
  • 8h (8 sessions/1h) -> 750.00€
  • 12h (12 sessions/1h) -> 1,100,00€

*Optionally, if you sign up for the #nocode service, you will have a 20% discount on the final price of the service.

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