Win a 10% commissions recurring monthly for each referral.

Invite other startups or entrepreneurs to work with us and earn 10% of the subscription price. No questions asked.

Earn $ 299 per month for each company you bring to us. Easy.

Expand your income in a simple and effective way: by referring companies to our product design agency, you get a 10% commission for each successful contract. No small print.

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PRO subscription
$ 2,990 /month
Commission per customer
Total per customer
$ 299.00 /month
With 5 referred customers...
$ 1,495.00 /month

Everything you need to know about the referral program

Are there any referral limits?
How will I collect my money?
For how long will I receive my monthly payment?
Are there any types of work that Productea doesn't cover?
What if the customer cancels the service?
Is it a fixed fee for anywhere in the world?

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