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Manage your digital assets in one place.

The all-in-one platform for managing digital assets. Safely reduce costs and time to market.

Disclaimer: Depasify's digital product has changed in recent years, the structure and approach of the product remains the same as Productea proposed, but the graphic identity has evolved and we don't have the original material, so we show the updated images.




Mobile (responsive)


6 weeks

01 Digital strategy

We detail our work strategy to understand what the company and the customer needed.

A new way to manage digital assets.

We took advantage of years of creating basic banking infrastructures in a simple API that automates and reconciles all your business operations.

Reduce your time to market and your operating expenses by having a single integration for every detail of your business.

Reduce integration costs and minimum requirements with a complete solution adapted to your use case.

“Manage your digital wallet easily”

That was our goal to make the information necessary for renting possible with just over 10 clicks.


We explain to you what our process of conceptualizing the digital product was like and its phases.

From less to more. But always simple.

In our case, we started working on the wireframe taking into account the old version, with almost no information about the current product.

We developed a simple strategy to make the product visible above all else, creating a totally tech appearance.

Product Design

We show you some images of the product designed from the tool Figma.

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