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Cryptocurrency to combat climate change.

Climatecoin CO2 token is a new cryptocurrency created for the fight against climate change.




Mobile (responsive)


10 weeks

01 Digital strategy

We detail our work strategy to understand what the company and the customer needed.

Buy tokens buy climate change.

With Climatecoin, all citizens will be able to purchase credits from the platform by selecting the source of the product and directly remunerating the producer with our tokens.

ClimateCoin is the world's first regulated digital carbon asset. Run on Algorand, a carbon-neutral blockchain, and backed by high-quality carbon credits, ClimateCoin will fund credible, high-impact projects around the world that will align with the Basic Carbon Principles (CCP)

In our case, we were working on the development of the entire internal Backoffice platform.

“Cryptocurrencies + climate change”

That was our goal to make the information necessary for renting possible with just over 10 clicks.

Climatecoin, the creator of the world's first regulated digital carbon asset, announced its soft launch at an investor event in Miami on April 23. The event featured remarks from special guests Francis X. Suarez, Mayor of Miami

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We explain to you what our process of conceptualizing the digital product was like and its phases.

ClimateCoin seeks to expand beyond the European market and provide transformative funding opportunities to investors and carbon offset providers.

ClimateCoin's approach from minute one has been 100% digital and international, closing agreements around the world for the treatment of tokens as official.

The product was developed thinking of combining the concepts of cryptocurrency (already complicated) with climate change. We proposed a VERY simple, almost self-explanatory product that could easily evolve.

The customer already has the task of “understanding what climate change is” let's make it easy with the UX for buying and selling these tokens. Our inspiration (and base) was Coinbase.

Product Design

We show you some images of the product designed from the tool Figma.


After delivering the product, these are some of the most important highlights of the impact that Productea had.


expected token purchase


tons of CO2


Integrated blockchain networks (Algoland)


Official launch in Korea

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