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Predictive analytics for your ecommerce.

Shimoku is a SaaS that offers data visualization for Analytics and Predictive Analytics that serve online businesses. Shimoku helps empower your data.




Mobile (responsive)


8 weeks

01 Digital strategy

We detail our work strategy to understand what the company and the customer needed.

Predictive analytics for your ecommerce right at your fingertips.

Shimoku provides real-time Auto-Machine Learning (artificial intelligence) solutions in a few clicks so that digital marketing specialists can answer business questions.

Its multiapplication platform, based on real-time artificial intelligence predictions, currently has two products.

The product itself is complex to explain, so we had to create a product aimed at “simplifying” the experience and making it graphically understood.

“What does Shimoku really do?”

That was our goal to make the information necessary for renting possible with just over 10 clicks.


We explain to you what our process of conceptualizing the digital product was like and its phases.

A complex product, with a multitude of by-products.

Shimoku's product is really complex (we have to confess that initially when we selected the project we had a hard time understanding what they were doing when viewing their website, hence the problem).

The main challenge was to simplify the visual identity and the UX so that it was graphically understood that Shimoku, all oriented to the CTO (there was a change of Buyer persona we proposed) since it is a product oriented at a technical level.

We also developed the complete visual identity update and developed the entire landing in Webflow.

Product Design

We show you some images of the product designed from the tool Figma.


After delivering the product, these are some of the most important highlights of the impact that Productea had.




customers around the world


of analyzed data


analyzed in prediction

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