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Learn Chinese from any language.

Learning Chinese has never been easier. Learn Chinese from any language using your mobile phone. All levels up to HSK 9 available. iOS and Android.




App (iOS + Android)


16 weeks

01 Digital strategy

We detail our work strategy to understand what the company and the customer needed.

Chinese is one of the most difficult languages. And to learn you usually need to know English.

Learning languages is a necessity in this 2.0 world, the problem with Chinese is that you need (almost out of obligation) to know English to learn Chinese, as there are few ways to learn Chinese from other languages. Until now.

You don't need to learn English to improve your Chinese. Now, you can learn it directly from Spanish, Portuguese, English, Russian or French with Boostchinese, that was the main bulwark when it came to making the application.

Also, everything designed from a UI/UX that wasn't a children's game (Duolingo style).

“Learn Chinese from any language”

That was our goal to make the information necessary for renting possible with just over 10 clicks.


We explain to you what our process of conceptualizing the digital product was like and its phases.

Learn Chinese using SM-18 big data algorithms.

We use the SM-18 algorithm to show more often which cards you don't know or what you might forget. The cards you already master will appear less frequently. Our statistical algorithm does the job of categorizing the cards by knowledge for you.

All of this is unified in a coherent and functional experience for the user to learn Chinese while having fun.

Product Design

We show you some images of the product designed from the tool Figma.


After delivering the product, these are some of the most important highlights of the impact that Productea had.


Multiple release


words (own bbdd)


Available decks


videos produced

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